SOAR Project fundraiser

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SOAR thumbnailEach year the New England Shakespeare Oxford Library has held a special sale in our Bookstore to raise funds to cover our basic costs … mostly website maintenance and fees, and acquisition of new books. But in recent years our costs have increased, mostly involving the publication of James Warren’s Index to Oxfordian Publications each year, and of then transferring all the entries from the Index into an online catalog (the SOAR Catalog, maintained with specialized cataloging software on LibraryWorld’s library OPAC web servers), and finally (but most importantly!) of maintaining and enhancing those records (the SOAR Project).

The SOAR project is now the major ongoing activity of the New England Shakespeare Oxford Library, and it will take years more to complete, with the ultimate goal being that every single one of the 5,000 records presently in the catalog (and the thousands more to come in the coming years) will each include an abstract and/or excerpt from the article itself, subject tagging of all records so that ALL similar items in the catalog can be retrieved in one search (however and whenever they were published), and, finally, links to an online version of the article, maintained in the SOAR archive, or on any website anywhere in the world. To date more than 1,000 of the SOAR records now have direct links to PDF copies of individual articles, e.g., all of Shakespeare Matters (2001-2013), and the first 15 years (1965-1980) of the Shakespeare Oxford Society Newsletter. More of these links are added each week. Also, more than 500 records now have abstracts and/or excerpts from an article embedded in the record, giving users a quick look at what an article is about before reading it. Much of the recent history of how the Index and the SOAR Project have evolved since 2011 was reported in Linda Theil’s Febrary 24, 2015 news report for the Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship.

INDEX TO OXFORDIAN PUBLICATIONS (Cover thumbnail, resized_2)So, with all this recent history in mind, this year’s Fundraiser features deals on An Index to Oxfordian Publications, with a discounted price of $25.00 in our Bookstore, and with several combined bundle offers on the Special Offers page. These are pretty good deals for Oxfordian texts that are, in our humble opinion, historic and invaluable. Check them out.

Twelve Years in the Life of Shakespeare now on Kindle

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Twelve Years Cover Thumbnail (compressed)Hank Whittemore’s Twelve Years in the Life of Shakespeare (a compilation of his “A Year in the Life of Shakespeare” columns published in Shakespeare Matters from 2001-2005 during the years of my editorship there) is now available on Kindle (amazon.com).

These columns (covering years in the author’s life ranging from 1564 to 1604) are a great way to experience both the personal and political POV on Shakespeare that comes from viewing the works through the lens of the Oxfordian theory of the Shakespeare authorship. The final columns in the collection, covering the years 1601-1604, focus on the Essex Rebellion, the death of Queen Elizabeth and the accession of King James, and make much use of Whittemore’s “Monument” theory that Shakespeare’s Sonnets were primarily concerned with these events.