• “My Dark Lady: Shakespeare’s Lost Play” by Dan Walker opens in Queen Elizabeth’s glittering Court. The year is 1580. Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford, has just lost his heart to the Queen’s newest maid of honor. Their forbidden love inspires the greatest writer ever born to compose numerous passionate and extremely personal sonnets.
    • Author Dan Walkers inspiration for his richly detailed novel began with a simple question: Who knew more about the man who was Shakespeare than the woman he loved? And so he decided to bring the Dark Lady to life as his narrator. By presenting the authorship mystery from this incredible woman’s perspective, Walker has given the whole brain-teasing riddle a new and wonderfully entertaining twist.
    • Oscar-winning director, Lynne Littman, describes Walkers powerful, fast-paced novel as, ‘Shakespeare in Love’ meets ‘Braveheart’ with a generous sprinkling of ‘Amadeus’ and ‘Anonymous’. This intellectual thriller takes readers on an unforgettable journey through Renaissance England. By focusing on the Dark Ladys forbidden romance with Oxford, Dan Walker has produced a compelling and surprisingly satisfying solution to the authorship mystery.

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