• The perennial dispute over Shakespeare’s true identity has been reignited after Alexander Waugh threw down a challenge for Shakespeare scholars to appear in a televised debate.
    • “The academics are cornered, they have no evidence at all,” said Waugh. “Our declaration of reasonable doubt has forced their hand. They have been idle, and swept other theories under the carpet, dismissing us as fragmented lunatics.”
    • Waugh, who is the grandson of the novelist Evelyn Waugh, is one of the authors of Shakespeare Beyond Doubt?
    • The new book, co-authored by the founder of the Shakespeare Authorship Coalition John Shahan, comes hard on the heels of Shakespeare Beyond Doubt – an attempt by leading scholars to refute Bard deniers, edited by Stanley Wells and Paul Edmondson – and riffs off its title and cover design.
    • “What we resent is that Shakespeare Beyond Doubt and its many contributors are not speaking on behalf of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, it’s published by Cambridge University Press,” he said. “The implied slur is that we’re trying to protect our financial interest, it’s impugning our scholarly integrity to say we’re taking up that stance purely for this reason.” Shakespeare scholars have not shied away from the evidence, he continued. “We have put our case very firmly and strongly. We have had many very vigorous debates and discussions.”

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