• If Sir Francis Bacon and William Shakespeare were friends on Facebook, their interactions could have answered one of the largest questions in all of English literature.
      Did the famous scientist (or someone else) write some of Shakespeare’s plays?
    • “Six Degrees of Francis Bacon is many things, but above all it’s a tool for asking questions. It allows people to click on this historical network to see who’s connected, recreating this whole world and then raising even more questions about how an idea, say, religious toleration, or the circulation of blood, got from person A to person B, why it took this route and not that route, and so on.”
      “To get the project to its current point of visualizing this 6,000-person world, the researchers worked with Georgetown University’s Daniel Shore, a Milton expert whose current research focuses on tracing syntax, and they are developing a partnership with London- and Cambridge-based scholars Ruth and Sebastian Ahnert, who study the shape of 16th-century letter-writing networks.”
      “For example, what counts as evidence of a relationship? If someone writes in a book about a visit with a famous scholar, but the famous scholar doesn’t write about it, it’s one-sided evidence. People lie, and encounters that are important to one person are not necessarily important to the other. We need to dig into culture and motivations to understand what’s going on.”
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