• “His plays are renowned, but a new book unravels the mystery of the man, says Rita de Brun.”
    • “The man behind the plays has long been mysterious, but that’s changing, with the publication of 30 Great Myths about Shakespeare, a new book by Laurie Maguire and Emma Smith.”
    • “The intention was to evaluate the evidence that exists, illustrate how that has been interpreted or misinterpreted, and show what our conclusions as to the truth about Shakespeare reveal about our own personal investment in the stories we tell,” she says.”
    • “As to whether she got much insight into Shakespeare’s elusive personality while researching the book, Maguire shakes her head. “The personal papers, which might well have revealed so much of his personality, could not be scrutinised, as, after his death, they probably went to his favourite son-in-law. However, we do know that he wasn’t particularly philanthropic — legal documents show him lining the insides of his own pockets rather than giving to the poor,” she says.”
    • “As to his nature, we really don’t know much, but he’s unlikely to have been flamboyantly ostentatious, and he’s likely to have been the type who would sit in a corner, watch people, take notes and take stock.”

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