• “The French language will finally concede defeat in its 1,000 years old war with English on the floor of the French parliament tomorrow. … The French minister for higher education, Geneviève Fioraso, will, according to her critics, propose the capitulation of the “language of Molière” before the all-conquering “language of Shakespeare”.

      “Ms Fioraso will table a draft law that will allow the teaching of some scientific courses in French universities in the English language.”

      “Ms Fioraso’s proposal has ignited a passionate debate in France, which has long tried to resist the linguistic imperialism of English.”\

      “Ms Fioraso’s supporters – including many senior French academics – say that her bill is an overdue recognition of reality. French is the eighth most spoken language in the world. English is the second most spoken, behind Chinese, but is globally recognised as the language of science.”

      “The centre-left newspaper, Libération, entered the debate on her side yesterday, by publishing its entire front page in English. “Teaching in English. Let’s do it” said the main headline.”

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