The second edition of An Index to Oxfordian Publications was published last month, just in time for the Shakespeare Authorship Studies Conference at Concordia University, at which the index compiler and editor, James A. Warren, received the conference’s annual Vero Nihil Verius Award for Distinguished Shakespearean Scholarship for all his work to make 75 years of Oxfordian scholarship available to the wider world. The index is published by my Forever Press, through, where it is available for $24.95 (and where there is a “Look Inside This Book” feature so you can see what you’re buying). It is also available at a special lower price ($20.00) at the New England Shakespeare Oxford Library (NESOL) bookstore, plus an offer to bundle the purchase with a SOAR subscription and a free gift book for $50.00.


The second edition has entries for all the newsletter and journal articles published in 2012 by the three major Oxfordian organizations (Shakespeare Oxford Society, Shakespeare Fellowship, and the De Vere Society), plus hundreds of new entries for older missing issues now found, and 100+ entries for the Oxfordian column that appeared in Louis Marder’s Shakespeare Newsletter from 1979 to 1991. The Index is the most complete source for everything published by Oxfordians since the 1930s, plus numerous entries for other anti-Stratfordian articles ranging from the 19th century up to today.

My congratulations (and gratitude!) again to Jim, who has done in just 3 short years the work we had all been talking about doing for decades. A reminder too, that all the index entries are also available at SOAR, the article database maintained at the New England Shakespeare Oxford Library. While SOAR remains open and free to all (and provides online links to many articles), I hope that folks will buy the index (which helps support the SOAR project), and which I believe you will find provides some access not available through SOAR, such as the whole middle section of the printed index, which is a table of contents for each and every issue of each publication, presented in chronological order, or the easy to read sections at the end of all book and film reviews, and a separate section for all obituaries of prominent Oxfordians..

Next up for the index and the SOAR project is subject access to everything. If you’d like to learn more and help in some way, shoot me an email.