• “So why has this play been so neglected? Perhaps it is because some scholars believe it to be a work of joint authorship — written late in Shakespeare’s career in collaboration with his successor, John Fletcher. Some might be superstitious knowing that during a performance of the play at the Globe in 1613, a cannon shot used for special effects ignited the theatre’s thatched roof and beams, resulting in a fire that burned the original building to the ground.”
    • “As with many of Shakespeare’s plays about the monarchs of England, this one is awash in political intrigue, chicanery, hypocrisy, betrayal and dissembling, all shot through with a particularly strident battle between the competing (and often overlapping) powers of the church and state.”
    • “Although King Henry is obsessed with securing a male heir to the throne, Ann Boleyn gives birth to a daughter. She will be the future Queen Elizabeth I — the woman who just happened to be Shakespeare’s great patron.”

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