• “In fact, there’s no evidence that the Cobbe Portrait is of Shakespeare.  Let us reiterate that: there is NO EVIDENCE AT ALL that Shakespeare is the person portrayed in the Cobbe Portrait.
    So why does the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust insist that we must all believe it was Shakespeare?

    Sadly, the answer (at least in part) is snobbery – that eternal bane of Shakespeare studies.”
  • “The Cobbe Portrait belonged to a personal friend of the Chairman of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.  The portrait had been handed down through the Cobbe family along with a portrait of Henry Wriothesley, 3rd Earl of Southampton and patron of William Shakespeare in the 1590s.  That, along with a distinct similarity to the Janssen Portrait, which itself has been touched up over time in order to make it look more “Shakespearean”, led to the supposition that the Cobbe Portrait was also of Shakespeare.”
  • “The important thing, however, is to note that the Cobbe Portrait is being foisted onto the public as an image of Shakespeare because of little more than wishful thinking.  And it is this very wishful thinking, overlayered with rampant snobbery and a political refusal to face facts about Shakespeare’s life and times, which has done so much to spoil Shakespeare scholarship over the years.”

    “Every time the Shakespeare “experts” produce another load of guff about Shakespeare (the Cobbe Portrait being just the latest example), it plays into the hands of the maniacs who want to believe that William Shakespeare did not write the plays of Shakespeare.  By lying to us about who William Shakespeare was (and what he looked like), the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust is pouring petrol onto the flames of the crazy Alternative Authorship theories.”

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