COMMENT: Another review of Anonymous, now out on DVD. This enthusiastic review augurs well for the long-term effect that Anonymous may yet have on the authorship debate.

    • ‘Anonymous’ is a great movie. Based on fact, and conjecture, it is a “what if” tale that settles the true authorship of the William Shakespeare catalog once and for all. In fact, it ties up a lot of other loose ends as well. Having just finished ‘Players-The Mysterious Identity of William Shakespeare’, by Bertram Fields, earlier in the week, it has become evident to me that the producers of this film have exercised a large amount of artistic license. I guess you could say it falls into the category of historical fiction, based on the assumptions that are made. But it is also true, based on the limited facts that are available from 400 years ago, that it could have happened as presented. We will never know for sure.
    • But you can say one thing for sure. All of the latest developments in the Shakespeare legend have also “punched-up” that story. No longer will he be remembered just by the long dreary dissections we are all forced to undergo in English class. We can now consider that this whole thing may have been the biggest put-on in history. But one thing is for sure, once you get past all of the hype, there can be no denial that this canon of work stands alone. No matter who did it, it is likely never to be matched.

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