COMMENT: Blogger Tim Lea (author of The Pelican Code, an authorship mystery story), writes a lengthy, interesting post on the possible story behind the story of Anonymous. The post includes several charts comparing the box office receipts of Anonymous to date, with comparisons between the US, UK and the rest of the world. One conclusion is inescapable — the failure of Anonymous in the United Kingdom is significant, and Lea rumminates on what that may mean for reaching the younger crowd, especially students, in Shakespeare’s home country.

Article link: Was Shakespeare a Fraud

EXCERPT: “Anonymous the movie as a commercial venture has undoubtedly fallen short of the Film Studio’s expectations. With a $30m budget and a promotional budget likely to be of a similar figure the box office receipts have fallen markedly short of where the Studio would have wanted the movie to be. Now there are probably as many reasons why a movie fails to meet its full potential as to why it succeeds, so the aim of this post is not to look at the traditional reasons behind poor performance but to see how the results of the movie can be seen to reflect the world-wide view of the Shakespeare Authorship debate.”