COMMENT: Mark Rylance’s daughter Juliet is asked about the authorship question,and gives a kind of roundabout, non-comittal answer: “I love the mystery of it … there’s no harm in looking at other people.”

Article link: Juliet Rylance Has Spirit

EXCERPT: “Speaking of Shakespeare, her father’s views on the authorship of his plays are well known. But who does she think wrote the plays? “Oh, no!” she wails, then breaks into sustained laughter. “No one’s ever asked me that! I love the mystery of it. And I think there’s no harm in looking at other people during that period and exploring the idea of someone else having written them. I think we miss that many people were dedicated to expanding the English language: Mary Sidney, whose brother Philip was the poet laureate; Francis Bacon; the Earl of Oxford; Ben Jonson; Marlowe. I think it’s great to look at the plays in relation to other people who were around at that time. All that can do is shed more light on the Elizabethan period and tell us more about the rich fabric of London and the countryside during that time, and about the society in which Shakespeare wrote.”