COMMENT: More Shakespeare will soon be hitting the big screen, with Ralph Fiennes starring. Advance word on this film is good, and it sounds like yet another instance where folks can learn that Shakespeare is as relevant today as E.Ver (pun intended). And what’s especially intriguing about this Shakespeare work is that the core of the story is simply this: a boy and his mom. Really.

Article link: Coriolanus

EXCERPT: “Coriolanus unfolds in an alternate present, in “a place calling itself Rome,” mired in an ongoing war with the neighboring Volscians. Having distinguished himself during the siege of the Volscian stronghold Coriolus, General Caius Martius (Ralph Fiennes) returns home to the kind of acclaim that launches political careers, and while Martius doesn’t give a damn about politics, his strong-willed mother, Volumnia (Vanessa Redgrave), does. Since Volumnia has been the engine of his success for as long as he can remember, Martius submits once again to her ambitions.”