COMMENT: A comment at a high school newspaper about Anonymous that aptly sums up our feelings about its quick departure from the scene. Interestingly, the reviewer doesn’t even mention the authorship angle as a key for its demise … it’s more like a cry that “all of us” [i.e., Shakespeare fans] are responsible.

Article link: Anonymous: the Amazing Disappearing Movie

EXCERPT: “I would easily give this movie high marks for its intricate and entertaining plotline, dynamic, plot twisting characters and effective parallel to a modern theory with a considerable following. All this being said, how in the world did this movie disappear from all the major theatres so quickly?”

“The answer is painfully and sadly simple; the proof is in the box office pudding. The movie only made around 4 million in sales, a drastic drop from the 30 million they supposedly spent on their budget. Apparently, only the small following of Shakespeare buffs wanted to go see the movie and everyone else, well, didn’t. Due to the small income the movie was getting, they had no choice but to close up shop. Disappointing, eh?”

“As a fellow Shakespeare fan, I feel all my fellow fanatics’ pain for the untimely demise of one of the year’s most intricate, fascinating movies. To blame we only have the throngs of those who wouldn’t give “Anonymous” the time of day and ourselves for not advocating for it stronger. Like our dear friend Will once said, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women are merely players.”