COMMENT: Another Anonymous review, which again is a mixed bag of praise for the film and puzzlement at the issue. Note especially the very correct observation that if the intended target audience is those educated enough to care, then that audience will be very much opposed to the authorship premise. Combine that with the confusion timelines and other problems in how the story is told, and you get just what we got: bad word of mouth among filmgoers, and a quick exit for Anonymous.

Article link:  ‘Anonymous’ a fascinating, confusing muse on Shakespeare’s truth

EXCERPT: “Still, the film, directed by erstwhile epic movie director Roland Emmerich (“2012,” “Independence Day”), has artistic merit and is acted with typically British repertory skill and panache. But egad, one needs to practically be a history expert or have an Elizabethan pedigree chart in hand to keep up with all the political skullduggery and illicit scandal of the crowded script.”

“To that end, “Anonymous” is an intriguing but frustrating film and one designed, it would seem, only for Shakespeare’s most ardent (and just as important) educated, devotees. The type, of course, who are likely to balk at the premise in the first place.”